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‎Do you have a moving van and moving help yourself, or do you just want to bring up your new sofa? For these types of jobs we have our moving lift service in Amstelveen. For these jobs we work together with our sister company Verhuislift Centrale. Below you will find our rates and you can easily and quickly book a moving lift online.‎

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‎Easy moving with a moving lift in Amstelveen

‎Amstelveen stairwells in are often very narrow, especially in the center of Amstelveen. That is of course not useful if you are going to move or if you have bought a new table or sofa, for example. Fortunately, the windows and balconies offer a solution here. Our moving lift service has a lot of experience with different streets and houses and therefore effortlessly build the moving lift against your window or balcony. This way you get the desired furniture and things in or out of your home.‎

‎Moving lift service for 1 object in Amstelveen

‎You can also hire our moving lifts to bring only one object up or down. ‎
‎Have you bought a new table and the delivery people can’t get it upstairs or is it time for that old heavy cupboard to leave the house? Call us for our object service. For € 80,- your object is then above or below.‎

‎Moving lift for several hours in Amstelveen

‎Do you have a big moving job that requires a moving lift for several hours? That is no problem at the Verhuislift Centrale. If the elevator is needed at the old and new address, just drive with you to the new location. The first hour we charge € 90, – and every subsequent hour costs you only € 60, – for the moving lift including service.‎

‎Manned Moving Lift in Amstelveen

‎With our moving lift you get a top mover as standard! Our lift operators have all worked in the moving profession for years. They are happy to assist you with the loading and unloading of the moving lift. We can also provide you with useful advice when loading your moving van. ‎
‎We also dare to say that the very best elevator operators in Amstelveen work with us. Where many other lift services do not succeed in installing a moving lift, our lift men almost always succeed in setting up our moving lift.‎

‎Moving lift to the 9th floor‎

‎Our largest moving lift has a ladder of 27 meters. This brings us to the 9th floor. With most apartments in Amstelveen we come to the highest floor. We are also in possession of a so-called Geda lift. This is a handy little elevator that you can build in a backyard or in an alley. This Geda lift can accommodate up to the 3rd floor.‎

‎No damage to your staircase portal‎

‎Moving with a moving lift keeps your furniture and staircase portal whole. You have gathered all your friends for the move. Everyone is trying their best, but at the end of the day, much of your furniture and the new staircase portal are completely damaged. Still a pity. ‎
‎If you rent a moving lift from us, you do not have to make a difficult turn in the stairwell and less damage is made. Our experienced lift service also keeps an eye on things. This way you can still transfer your household effects whole even with the least experienced movers.‎

‎(almost) Always available‎

‎Our moving lifts with service are ready for you 7 days a week. Also in the evening and on weekends. Moreover, we do not charge any call-out costs for our moving lift service in Amstelveen! You can easily and quickly reserve a moving lift via our website or via the telephone number ‎‎0800 – 0000‎‎. ‎
‎So don’t hesitate any longer and make your move easier with a moving lift from ‎‎‎

‎Business customers‎

‎As a moving lift service in Amstelveen we have many business regular customers. Furniture stores, solar panel suppliers, roofers and sun protectors can be counted among our regular customers. Our regular customers pay on our account and we ensure that we can always help them, even with an urgent job. If we cannot be of service to you ourselves, we have a large partner network, which delivers (almost) the same quality.‎

‎Exemption from moving lift Amstelveen

‎Although we are proud of our city, the municipality does not always make it easy to install a moving lift. ‎
‎An exemption is often required for this. You can apply for the lift permit online via this link ‎‎‎‎.‎

‎You must complete the form and return it signed together with a situation drawing. Sometimes it is necessary to submit a diversion plan. Our moving lift is standard equipped with pillonnen and a “through traffic jammed sign”. So then the area around the moving lift is at least well marked.‎

‎Moving lift outside Amstelveen

‎Of course, we don’t only drive our moving lifts in Amstelveen. We can also be found in Amsterdam every day. Here too, we do not charge any call-out costs. Furthermore, we can be deployed throughout the Randstad and beyond. Call-out costs per city can be found on our website.‎

‎Reservation moving lift Amstelveen

‎You can easily reserve our moving lift in Amstelveen via the online reservation form on this website. Once we have received the reservation, you will receive an overview of your request and the total costs. Once you have confirmed the order, your reservation is final. ‎
‎Of course you can also order a moving lift from us by telephone. We have specially taken an easy-to-remember number for you. ‎‎0800-0000‎‎.‎

‎Finally, it is also possible to reserve a moving lift via Whatsapp. If you click on the green icon at the bottom right of the website with your mobile phone, you have a Whatsapp connection immediately. We’d love to hear from you!‎

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am Angelos Mavromaras from Greece and I am the owner of a transport company. As every professional I was looking for partners who could ensure the quality of service for my clients moving from Greece to the Netherlands and that's how I met M&M I worked with the company for the first time and I was completely satisfied. Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation. I hope for the best!!!
- Αθήνα - August 4, 2022


Satisfaction is guaranteed. Nice guys, handy and fast working pace. I would recommend Storm and his colleagues Maurits. These two guys are great.
- Barcelona - August 4, 2022

Snel, strak georganiseerd en zonder schade

Het is spannend om te verhuizen naar een plek waar alle wanden zijn gestuct, de verf net droog is, er een trap vlak achter de deur is met smal trapgat, maar de mannen hebben het uitstekend gedaan. Geen enkele buts in de muren. Echt fantastisch. En leuke kerels ook.
- Sint Pancras - July 3, 2022

Super professional, highly recommended!

Although the team was about 30~ min late, they let us know ahead of time so it was no problem waiting for them. They were super fast, careful and overall very professional.
- Amsterdam - June 3, 2022

zeer goed

Wij zijn goed verhuisd door Maarten en zijn medewerkers
- Druten - May 11, 2022

Voor de tweede maal ; helemaal top gedaan.

Geweldig behulpzame en beleefde mannen en jongens! Niets was hen teveel en ze hebben ongelooflijk hard gewerkt!
- Sloten ( Friesland) - May 9, 2022

Fantastic and effortless moving experience

The team did an incredible job, they were early to the move, dealt with me, and my girlfriend and are cat superbly. All of our items were taken safely and securely and then moving them into the new place the team put them in the right rooms. Would highly recommend.
- Amsterdam - May 3, 2022

Hele fijne verhuizing

Zeer proffesioneel, meedenkend, en snel.
- Amsterdam - April 6, 2022
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