Customs Clearance

Importing  household and personal effects in a country in the EU means that one has to deal with the rules the EU countries have adopted individually. Unfortunately, the Netherlands at this point have fairly strict and complex regulations concerning customs clearance, which contrasts negatively with many of the other EU partners.
In contrast to the UK, where completing a simple C3 form is sufficient for  duty free import of household and personal effects, the Netherlands has a procedure that presents a long list of documents required.

You can apply for an Exemption from Duties and Taxes for  household and personal effects.

In order to be granted this exemption there are some restrictions that will apply, such as

  •  Importer should  have officially resided outside the EU for a period of  at least 12 month
  • The goods should have been personally owned and used by importer for at least 6 months and not have been purchased for the purpose of this importation.
  • The goods should be in your personal posession for at least 12 months after importation in the EU

For a fixed rate of € 185,00 T we gladly arrange the customs clearance for you. We will supply you with the neccesary documents, collect and check everything and do the customs application.

Customs Clearance car

If you would like to bring your car to the Netherlands we can arrange the customs clearance for you. The Netherlands is the only country with the BPM taks. This is an expensive taks on vehicles that are imported in the Netherlands. If you move to Holland from a country outside the EU, you can get an exemption for this taks. We gladly help you with all document work and customs application. We can arrange the Customs clearance of a car for a fixed rate of € 150,-.

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Excellent, professional and friendly.

I have now used these guys twice, once for move within NL and lastly for an international move back to the UK and on both occasions the guys have been excellent. Very pleasant and polite with nothing seeming to be a problem for them. Would highly recommend.
- Haarlem and UK - May 15, 2024

Super snelle, vriendelijke verhuizers

Wat een verademing! Vandaag supersnel en goed verhuisd door Maurits en Jay. Ze waren pro actief en communiceerden goed. Een enorme aanrader.
- Amsterdam - March 13, 2024

Best experience I could ask for. Very satisfied.

My boxes and storage things have been with M&M Verhuizingen for over a year now and the fees have been so affordable. My things remained safe and in great condition. Their team even offered to help me with printing labels and attaching them to my boxes for me as I was out of the country.Amazing and very helpful team. I am very satisfied with my experience.
- London - November 7, 2023

Niet verder zoeken, dit is de beste verhuizer!

Deze vakmensen schakelen snel en zijn flexibel in de planning waar het kan. Ik ben al diverse keren bij verhuizingen geholpen en elke keer zeer naar tevredenheid. De verhuizers gaan voorzichtig om met alle spullen en zijn ook nog eens bijzonder vriendelijk.Er wordt vlot en beleefd gecommuniceerd. Wat wil je nog meer?
- Haarlem - October 26, 2023

hele goede verhuisbedrijf

Great people.Move from 6 bedroomhouse to large apartment in Amsterdam. Including packing. Everything hoisted up to 6th floor with external elevator. Move took 2 days. Nice and friendly and definately know what they are doing
- Amsterdam - October 6, 2023

Removal & Storage Support

M&M Verhuizingen have been my removal company of choice since 2021 and I have moved twice with them now. They have also provided me with excellent, secure and cheap storage options as I was not able to move into my new apartment right away. Maarten and Esther are super lovely and helpful people to work with and organise the move + storage itself. The team I have worked the most with is headed up by Mauritz and Storm and they have done nothing short of an amazing job every time I have worked with them. Such an awesome service and awesome people! I will continue to use them should I need to move again.
- Amsterdam - May 1, 2023

Perfecte verhuizing uitgevoerd door fantastisch team

Op één van de laatste dagen van 2022 heeft het team van M&M Verhuizingen onze bedrijfsverhuizing geweldig uitgevoerd. Snel, met een fantastisch team verhuizers.
- Amsterdam - January 5, 2023

Hele goede ervaring

Maurits en team hebben heel netjes en vakkundig gewerkt. Goed werk!
- Weesp - January 5, 2023
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